Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shine your sink!

Years and years ago I used to do the "flylady cleaning routines" ( and I still hear it in the back of my head "shine your sink!" everytime I see my kitchen a mess with dirty dishes. I hate dirty dishes, I hate them sitting on the counter, I hate them sitting in the in the sink, I hate them sitting on the drying rack cluttering it up. But mostly I hate washing them! UGH -- Last night I left the dirty dishes sit over night and said I'd get them in the morning... I got up to make coffee and the stress of "shine your sink!" hit me. So I hurried up with making coffee just to "shine your sink!" and forgot to put the coffee pot on the coffee maker ... lol Thank God I heard it sizzling in time to put the pot on it before it overflowed too much ... else I would of had to "shine your floor!".


  1. I tried that fly lady for a while and when her list of things got longer than what my moms would have been, I quit! But I knew exactly who you were talking about! Enjoy your blog!

  2. I stopped because I couldn't clean one room a day. I want to clean the whole house in one day (to get it done and over with) lol I just have to do it weekly to keep up. Thanks Marti!! :D Do you have a blog? I'd love to follow it!