Monday, April 27, 2015

21 Day Fix

I did it, I ordered the 21 Day Fix!!! It shipped out this morning, and I should get it no later than next Monday. I can't wait! I been wanting it for a long time, a few years. Money has been stopping me. I'm worried that I won't be able to afford to eat clean all day long, every day and no skipping meals/snacks etc. But I am certainly going to try hard! If I can afford to I will be making it a lifetime change to do so. I don't see 21 Day Fix as a diet, but as a life change. This is something I need. It also teaches you portion control, which is another struggle for me. I know I eat all wrong, and it teaches you how to eat right. The right foods and the right amounts of them. I'm so ready for the change ... I been ready. And it also comes with exercise DVDs, all different ones for each day for 30 mins a day. I read all good reviews. I can lose up to 15lbs in 21 days. I can't remember how many inches, but I think it was 15 as well.

With this, I am also gonna try meal prep for the week. Maybe this will work out great for my family. I plan to prep it all (and cook it), but I might leave a few days out to cook it fresh ... like fish. I will never ever eat it reheated ... yuk lol But I think anything else I can eat reheated. Doing this I will have no excuse to eat the wrong stuff.

I am happy to learn that I can still have my popcorn while doing the 21 Day Fix lol I love my popcorn :) :P

I paid a lot for the 21 Day Fix ... So I won't waste my money and give up on it. I plan to keep doing it till I hit my goal weight of 120-115lbs .. then follow the plan to maintain my weight.

I will be keeping you all updated via this blog. I'm sure I will be sharing it all with you and some.

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