Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Update on the 21 Day Fix

Hi All, so far I am doing great on the 21 Day Fix. I started on May 1st, last Friday. I screwed up twice. Once I ate over my 3 cup popped corn limit n yesterday I had a cheeseburger which would be fine, but it was 77% lean instead of 95% :( Other than those two things, I'm doing great with it. Oh, and I'm having a hard time eating the orange containers ... a lot of the time they are skipped. I been doing the exercises daily n most of them I like ... I haven't tried them all yet but so far yoga is my least favorite. Autumn rushes through it so fast that it isn't relaxing n don't really see anything good from it besides maybe cardio lol So far I like everything else especially Mondays workout. That one is my favorite. I can tell my body is changing. I put on sweat pants that are usually tight, and they are a bit loose now, especially in my thighs. And it hasn't even been a week yet! :)